Sunday, September 24, 2006

Can we come in at recess?

Two 4th graders asked if they could come in at recess to work on their drawings. My battery pack died before I could take the second drawing of a wrestler named John Cena. He brought in an action figure from home to draw. This is a portrait of Curt Schilling drawn from a photo. These guys worked so very hard on their drawings. They both have OT issues and I sat with them a bit during art class showing them how to draw the body using "sausage ovals." Their recess is my lunch time so I ate my turkey sandwich while I sat with "J" and helped him with the drawing of the wrestler. Side note: these boys have a history of getting into "mischief" i.e.trouble and having to lose their recess. The fact that they chose to work on their art during their play time says a lot about choice-based art education.

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