Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Portable Puppet Center. This can be moved from table to table as needed. Posted by Hello

Painting Center menu. I love watching the students refer to this as they set up their paints. I added clip art images for the students that cannot read english yet. We have quite a few international students. Posted by Hello

Devyn made this cut paper collage of a jet-skiing cat (wearing sunglasses of course) giving a blonde girl a ride in the water. What a clever idea! Posted by Hello

Erin (third grade) made this cut paper collage of a golden retriever.  Posted by Hello

Here is SpiderMan swinging from his web (white string). Cameron (4th grade) got his idea last week when he bought a new SpiderMan action figure. The SpiderMan is cut out of heavy white paper and the building is a piece of mat board that he painted. he is still working on this piece and has added a platform for a villain to stand on. I can't wait to see what he does with this next week. My Thursday classes are upset that they are going to miss art due to Veterans Day.  Posted by Hello