Wednesday, January 05, 2005

"It's not as hard as I thought it would be..."

In one of my fourth grade classes, there is a boy that is always going to the drawing center to create his imaginative figures inspired by comic books and video games. They are his creations because I always ask him where he gets his ideas .("from my imagination" )
Well I was so thrilled to see him visit the paint center after weeks of going to the drawing center. He used only black paint and a small thin brush to paint more imaginative figures.
When I told him that I was happy to see him painting, he replied "Yeah, it's not as hard as I thought it would be."
Students know when they are ready to try something new.
Aahhh, the beauty of choice.

JR. the polar bear (Crayola model magic) resting on an ice pond .(AOL CD colored with permanent blue marker).  Posted by Hello

Another variation on the folded paper puppet idea. Nolan (grade 5) figured out a way to make the puppet's mouth open and close using a paper tube, string going up the tube, through the mouth which he reinforced with a bit of cardboard to give it some tension. This picture does not do it justice. He of course started a trend and there were many students that wanted to make the same thing. Posted by Hello

Matt(4th grade) is a new student this year and is obviously a wonderful painter! This was on the day that I showed the class how to paint animals (Topal). Having good visual resources is important. Posted by Hello

Paint center at one of my schools. The giraffe and eye posters were taken directly from Topal's Children and Painting book. They are extremely helpful when the students paint people and animals.  Posted by Hello

The basic set of tempera colors found at the paint center. Watercolors and tempera cakes "paint pucks" are also available. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Eddie (grade 4) wanted to make a football field and planned this project on his own. He brought in football pictures.It is wonderful to see artists planning their art at home.  Posted by Hello

Another wedding in the art room! Sarah made the groom and Danielle created the bride. This was from a second grade class. Posted by Hello

Callie made a beautiful bride at the puppet center. There was some white tulle at the collage center that inspired quite a few "wedding artworks". Posted by Hello

A variety of puppets on the first day of introducing the puppet center to a 5th grade class. Posted by Hello

Nicholas (grade 4) planned to make his cheetah stand on all four legs. I love it when a student takes the lesson and goes in a new direction with it. I have noticed it a lot at the puppet center. Posted by Hello

Irene made the bedroom and Samantha is letting her maid puppet clean the room. Posted by Hello

Another variation on the folded paper puppet. Timothy (grade3) wanted to add a body to his cheetah. The body covers his arm when he uses it. Posted by Hello

Samantha (grade 5) designed a maid at the uppet center. Posted by Hello

Here are the adorable babies. Posted by Hello

Erika made these stick puppets of babies and added a crib complete with monogram. She used pony beads for the binkies.How cute! Posted by Hello

Jeffrey (grade 5) expanded on the folded paper puppet by adding the rest of the body. He also used some paper sculpture techniques when he made the eyes. Posted by Hello

Erin(grade 3) made Elvis, complete with microphone and stage. Posted by Hello