Monday, May 08, 2006

Next art show....

The West School will be having the art festival on Tuesday, May 9. I also have two days to display the work but I wanted to get a head start by covering the ugly bulletin boards so this is what I did on Friday after school. (covering bulletin borads is my least favorite thing to do) I am taking before and after pictures because over the course of two days, the halls are completely transformed.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

"The Polar Express" by Sarah, grade 3

"I got my idea from the movie. I really liked the special effects in it."

Spongebob Squarepants by Robbie, Evan and Daniel, grade 3

Pariscraft and papier-mache masks

"The biggest ice cream cone in the world" by Bailey, grade 2

Big first grade paintings.

Second grade art.....creative kids!

Kindergarten art in the hall.

Best Friends by Lauren and Michaela, grade 3

Michalea and Lauren love working together so they used papier-mache self-portrait masks to create their art titled Best Friends.

Hansen School Fine Arts Festival 2006

The annual art festival took place on Wednesday, May 3. It was a lot of work this year, more so than last year. I spent a lot of April vacation typing up artist statements and gluing art. I am very lucky to have a substitute come in for two days so I can hang the art but I was so behind this year as far as having the art ready for display. It's been tough sharing a room with music this year. I can't leave anything out like I normally would so I have to pack away all the art when I leave to go teach at my other school. Next year I am going to have to plan the art show differently and see if I can get some helpful parents type or even mat the work. It would be a huge help. (I think I say this every year and the art show creeps up on me so fast and it's too late to ask for help!) Anyway, the art that the kids produced this year was fabulous. They are so darn creative and continue to amaze me. All the hard work was worth it. Here are some photos from the show. Enjoy!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Dolphin by Amanda, Kelly and Colleen, grade 3

This artwork was started with the little plastic dolphin. The girls wanted to make something using the dolphin in it and came up with this mixed media piece. I really like the way they made it look like the dolphin was jumping out of the water....clever!

Penguins on Ice by Kristina, grade 2

"I got my idea to make this because we are learning about penguins in class. I know that they can swim very very fast!"

Origami cat on a surfboard by Leiandra, kindergarten

Spaceship Drawing by Maximus, grade 1

I tried very hard to get Maximus to leave this wonderful piece at school for the artshow but he really wanted to take it home. At least I have this picture to show you!

Origami cat by Stephanie, grade 1