Saturday, October 08, 2005

Kindergarten Collage

Kindergarteners are creating collages using shapes. Emma made a house, a penguin and some zoo animals.
Right now I am having all the kindies do the same lesson. This not only helps me see where they are developmentally (I make a note in my grade book on the students that have difficulty cutting, gluing, etc.) but I am trying to establish routines with them. Eventually they will be doing total choice. I know some classes will make the move sooner than others. I have some groups that follow directions during clean-up time and others that want to "play" and roll around the rug during this time.

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eros & psyche said...

am also working part time at a kindergarten and have been truly amazed by how children create things the way they see them. have received so many art gifts from the kiddos, mainly origami hearts.