Saturday, October 08, 2005

Halloween Art

The PTO president at one of my schools has asked me if I could have some students make decorations for a Halloween dance they are having. She knows about my choice program and asked if I could set up a Halloween Center for them. The PTO has been very good to the art program ($) so I was willing to help out the best I can and told her that it would be a choice whether or not the students wanted to make decorations or not. I informed the students the next day and they were so excited to do it! Kids just love Halloween. Some wanted to stay in at recess and work on their Halloween art. I never actually set up a Halloween center. I just told the kids if they wanted to make Halloween-themed art at any of the available centers (drawing, painting, collage, paper sculpture) they could, but it was optional.
I was impressed with their work. This is a large paper zombie. You can't tell from the photo but the student (grade 5) used cut paper cones for the eyes.

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