Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The day before the art show there were about 16 students that wanted to stay in to finish their art for the show. Look at my messy room! Posted by Hello


journeyo said...

Dear Carolyn, Please pardon my note in your comments section. I could not find the email access on your blog. But it just came up in a search for something unrelated and it is so FANTASTIC that I had to write! What an enlightened approach to creativity. Each of the students' works are so moving and fun.

I edit an artblog for an NYC-based painter named Mark Roth. He co-created a project with young artists recently that I thought you might find intriguing. If you'd like to look it over, it can be seen here:
Or you can log on to his site (below) and click on "Show and Share" in the lefthand column under the Projects heading.

Mark is interested in expanding the project and working with students of varying ages. (I know he'll be excited to learn of your work.) So, if you find anything of merit in the idea, please contact us to see how you might evolve and adapt it to the "Choice-based" curriculum at some point. Maybe we could create something we'd both be thrilled to post.

You can email us at (mark@ OR janna@). Thanks so much for the consciousness you bring to your work. It is heartening and inspiring.


Anonymous said...

Hi Caroly,
At least you HAVE an Art room to work in. While I taught art I had to use a cart to go from room to room. Your lucky !!!