Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Printmaking and other happenings

I have been taking lots of pictures in art but have not posted to my blog so this is long overdue. We have been busy with found object sculptures and starting some printmaking.
On the other hand, some things that have been running through my mind as I watch my classes: (I may begin to ramble here)
* the use of "safe" symbols like the heart, flower, names, etc. I think I am going to place a ban on using these images in class. I know it is censorship but I do not see growth in some of my students and it is so frustrating.

*students creating same art. I need to set up a chart like Bonnie that has the names of students with the centers they visit so they can see where they work and how they need to try other things.

*art idea sheet. I may create one of these that I can give to students when they look like they are not being productive. I've noticed some students not using their time well and by having them fill in a sheet that explains what they plan to do, it may help with their focus.

*messy classes. I have closed the collage center for two classes because they "trashed" it and did not clean it up. The classroom teachers say they are the same way in their room, but that is no excuse and I will not have it in the art room. It is messy enough due to its size (sharing with music) a students craeted mess is uncalled for.

Students are still creating some WONDERFUL STUFF so I will post some examples here.

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