Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hansen School Fine Arts Festival 2006

The annual art festival took place on Wednesday, May 3. It was a lot of work this year, more so than last year. I spent a lot of April vacation typing up artist statements and gluing art. I am very lucky to have a substitute come in for two days so I can hang the art but I was so behind this year as far as having the art ready for display. It's been tough sharing a room with music this year. I can't leave anything out like I normally would so I have to pack away all the art when I leave to go teach at my other school. Next year I am going to have to plan the art show differently and see if I can get some helpful parents type or even mat the work. It would be a huge help. (I think I say this every year and the art show creeps up on me so fast and it's too late to ask for help!) Anyway, the art that the kids produced this year was fabulous. They are so darn creative and continue to amaze me. All the hard work was worth it. Here are some photos from the show. Enjoy!

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Eileen Ellis said...

This is my 13th year teaching art and I am going to try to implement some aspects of TAB. Anyway after the art is chosen for the students, one a piece, I have a Mom type up the lables and send me the files for printing. The day of the show I have one or two parents form each grade level come in to hang the show! Getting the art chosen is what takes weeks and weeks.
I have tons of classroom volunteers too.