Sunday, January 22, 2006

What's been happening in the art room?

I have lots to share over the past two months. After struggling through some technical difficulties I am able to post photos again.
The sewing and weaving centers were opened as well as the sculpture center. The sewing center was very popular during the month of December. Many students wanted to make pillows and sewn dolls to give as gifts. I hope they make more before the art show because they came out great! I can always print out the photos and display them alongside the art.
I also made colored felt available and sharp needles for "advanced" sewers that wished to make mini pillows that could be used as ornaments. I cut the felt into different shapes and they sewed them shut with embroidery floss, added a ribbon hanger and decorated the front with sequins and buttons. I did not get pictures of them but trust me, they were adorable.
The weaving center is also a busy one in the winter. The students can take their unfinished weavings to their rooms and work on them during their free time or indoor recess. I am weaving with first graders for the first time this year and they are doing quite well. I have partnered up advanced students with the ones that need a bit more help.
The sculpture center is now open but unfortunately there is very little to work with because the majority of the students are not bringing in the recycled materials to build with. There are maybe a handful of students that bring supplies in weekly, but even with me reminding them to save the stuff, very few actually do it.
Last week I began cup weavings with 4th and 5th graders. A new lesson for me as well. The 3rd graders finished up styrofoam printing. I will see if I can get some photos to post. Here are photos from the last 8 weeks. Enjoy!

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