Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kindergarten and choice

I am still having the kindergarten students do a "have to" lesson but am allowing them to work on different activities when they finish the lesson for the day. I thought I would have been able to have them work in centers by now but there are particular lessons that I feel are so important at this stage of artistic development. Last week they mixed primaries to create secondary colors and also made tints and shades. The excitement in the room was incredible. One student exclaimed, "Oh Griffin, I'm the man, I made a new color!!!" He was so proud of himself. They squeal in delight as they mix new colors and are amazed at the results of their efforts. Some will continue to paint while others want to make another puppet or collage when they finish. The puppet and collage center has actually been a nice segue into introducing the centers available to them in the art room.

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