Friday, September 23, 2005

Starting the year with choice

This is my second year of choice based art and so far so good! There are lots of changes for the students and myself. I am sharing a room with the music teacher at one school and I had to move my art room to a different room at my other school. It's still a challenge trying to plan out where all the cenetrs will be when I open them all up. So far I have opened up drawing, painting and collage. My greatest concern is storage for artwork in progress as well as art for the exhibit in the spring. The students are excited to be making art again and many have asked when the sculpture center will be open. I plan to open it this week but will put limitations on the size of their finished work. There is just no room to store it. Here are some photos from the three centers that are available. The kids are already doing wonderful work and I know it is because they have had a year of choice already.

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shebaduhkitty said...

Lots of GREAT stuff coming out of your centers!