Monday, October 25, 2004

The decision to make a change

I have created this blog to document my transition from a traditional art room where students complete art lessons chosen by the teacher to an art room where the students choose the art they wish to essence...behaving like an artist.....something I feel I have not been fostering in my students.
Up until now, I have been giving the students choice time ("free time") but only when they finish the lesson I have planned for them. Of course this leaves out the students that work at a slower pace. Often times, some students will rush through their project so that they can do their "free time" project.
Hhmmmmm, are they trying to tell me something?
I think so. I know so.

I wish to thank the members of the TAB (teaching for artistic behavior) group for inspiring me to want to make this change (especially Kathy mentor and friend).

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