Monday, July 24, 2006

The Park by Sara, Alana and Helly, grade 3

This park was created over several weeks and there is just so much to look at. The girls made people and pets using wood sticks wrapped with pipe cleaners and cut out faces from magazines. There is a swing, a slide, a water fountain, trash cans and flowers pots. A very creative use of materials.

WWE Wrestling rings are popular

Wrestling is still so popular and 5th grader Mitchel created this one using cardboard, paper and lots of hot glue. He also built a ramp and a red satin curtain for Jon Cena (a wrestler for those not in the know, including me!) to walk through on his way to the ring. By the way, Mitchel made one of the gold championship belts a few months ago. Wrestling is a favorite subject matter for him.
This ring was stored in the art room for months so we could display it in the show. It was a big influence on the artwork of other students including the two wrestling rings made by a 2nd grader (it's called a cage match) and a kindergartener.

Creativity flows at the West School

The art show was a huge success. I was, once again, so proud of the work my students produced. I put all the pictures I took throughout the year in a slideshow using iphoto and it even had the cool Ken Burns music in the background. I set up my computer in the hall and many parents stopped to look at the pictures. Some parents had me email their pictures to them too. Next year I need to take pictures in EVERY class or at least take a class photo so everyone will be in the slideshow.
I am posting some highlights from the show but the pictures do not do it justice. Enjoy!

Board transformation

Here are the finished boards in one area of the school. They are located near the gymnasium and cafeteria. The students love to see the artwork but it is difficult to keep their little hands off of it. Something usually gets ripped or is knocked down prior to the show so I am constantly taping something all the time. I wish there was a "safer" spot but this is a high traffic area and many people can admire the art here.