Thursday, August 25, 2005

Letters from students

Back in June, the library teacher did a lesson with the fifth graders involving a book called Thank You Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco. She had the students write letters to people that helped them while they were students at the West School. I received a few letters and got tears in my eyes when I read them. Here are some excerpts from letters written to me by two fifth grade boys:
"I thank you Mrs. Bonomi for all you taught me and all the art things I know. Every time I got home, my mom loved all the art work I made. I always wanted a glue gun but my mom wouldn't get me one, but now my mom and my dad got me one. So now I have one of my own. So I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for me because my parents wouldn't trust me with one but now they do because I use one in your room. I'll miss you when I go to the middle school."

One more letter: "Art was something I could always look forward to. It was always fun. I could always do projects of my choice. I always had all the supplies I needed for a project. You always said that all ideas work great. You were always kind and forgiving. You taught us so much. Thank you for all you have done. I will miss you at the middle school."

I know that if I didn't have a choice-based art program, I would not be getting letters like these from anyone. I just wish I had started earlier because these students had choice for only one year and now they will be moving on to the middle school.
I am going to miss them too.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pipe Cleaner Monkey

Emma and Mike (4th grade) collaborated to make this monkey hanging on a tree. Popsicle sticks are wrapped with corrugated cardboard to make the tree.

Eagles Circling Over a Forest

Olivia's Horse Mask

Olivia (grade 1) made this beautiful horse mask using plaster gauze. (we use plastic molds) She asked for a large piece of paper and then went to the paint center and proceeded to paint the rest of the horse's body. I offered to hot glue the mask down after I saw what she was trying to do. The next week she added the barn, silo and sky. I was in awe of this creative idea and cannot believe she is only six years old! Most students want to tie string to their mask and wear it but she had other plans!

Cut Paper Doll

Autumn (grade 1) spent weeks cutting out the pieces for this paper doll. I like how she used an early origami lesson to make the cat and dog.

Tiger in the Grass

Karlie (grade 2) painted this tiger hiding in the grass using carefree brushstrokes.

Little Dolls

Emma and Ashley (grade 5 and 4) worked at the collage center to make these cute little dolls.

Masks on Display

Cape Cod Bridge

"This is the bridge I drive over to get to Cape Cod."-Kevin (grade 2)

Baby in Carriage

Araiana (grade 1) made the "rattle that really works" by putting small beads in between two plastic bottle caps. The baby and carriage idea developed when she wanted to do something with the rattle that she made.

My Little Fishy

This is an example where the art media gives the student the art idea. Joseph (grade 1) said the "googly eye" reminded him of the fish he saw in the bait shop that he and his Dad go to when they get bait for fishing. He made this fish from construction paper and added a pipe cleaner hook.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Dog in Hammock

Kellie (grade 1) painted this large tempera piece (maybe 24X36") of a dog lounging in a hammock.
Dogs are a theme throughout her artwork.

Black Hole Sun

Matthew (grade 5) is especially fond of painting in a non-objective manner. He titled this piece "Black Hole Sun."

Angel Painting

Megan (grade 2) got her idea to paint this angel from "Cupid because it's almost Valentine's Day!"

The Blueprint and the Sculpture.

First Grade Blueprint

Michael, a first grader, came into art class with a blueprint (his own words!) of a sculpture he wanted to make. I asked if I could display the blueprint alongside his sculpture in the art show. He beamed and said YES!

Hansen School Art Show

I have finally added photos from the Hansen School Art Show that took place in April. The students and teachers were very excited to see beautiful art displayed in the halls.
This cut paper collage is called "Friendship" created by two second grade girls. They made portraits of each other and even cut out the letters in the word. They knew exactly what their art should look like and would ask me for specific supplies. (shiny sticker paper, fuzzy yarn, etc.)
I could not believe my eyes when I saw it finished. The attention to detail is quite impressive.