Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The day before the art show there were about 16 students that wanted to stay in to finish their art for the show. Look at my messy room! Posted by Hello

"Unicorn" by Kristin, grade 5 Kristin collects unicorns. This wil be a nice additon to her collection. Posted by Hello

"Jaguar Necklace" by John, grade 4 This was done with sharpie markers and aluminum foil. Posted by Hello

"Rainbow" by Andrew and Jeremy, kindergarten "We painted a rainbow." This painting is 24" x 36. Posted by Hello

"Troop" is a plaster mask Eddie (grade 4) made in response to the war in Iraq. The camouflage part represents the troops fighting and the flag stands for the peace in America.  Posted by Hello

"Sparkle" a papier-mache turtle by Krystyn, grade five Posted by Hello

"Quidditch Field" by Cameron and Michael, grade 4 "We got this idea from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It is a game of quidditch. We enjoyed working together because we are best friends." Posted by Hello

"Noah's Ark" by Malachi, grade three This painting is about the story of Noah''s Ark. The yellow light is God shining down on the animals. His parents were so proud of him when they saw this. In a choice art room, students make art that is important to them. Posted by Hello

"Sophie Michelle" by Diana, grade four "I made my cat mask to be one of my cats. Her name is Sophie Michelle. I had a lot of fun making my cat that took about four weeks, but again it was worth it." Posted by Hello

"The Mega Mirror" by Nolan and Joe, grade five Posted by Hello

"American Girl Doll Dresser" by Nicole, grade one Nicole began this by making little origami boxes which became the drawers. After building the dresser with wood pieces, she took it home to add a light (pen flashlight) that you push and then look in a hole on the side. I keep forgetting that this girl is only in the first grade. Posted by Hello

"Leonardo the Leprechaun" by Mitchell, grade four He got the idea from St.Patrick's Day. Posted by Hello

"Wolverine" by Anthony, kindergarten This started as a mask but soon became a full figure of Wolverine from X-Men. Posted by Hello

"Johnny Damon" by Jeremy, first grade "Johnny Damon is my third favorite Red Sox player. I like David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez." Posted by Hello

"Tank of Terror" by Paul and Stephen, grade 5 "We made a tank that could go on land and in the water. At first it was a ship but then it became a tank. Paul made the light using household items. We worked a long time on it. We would come in before school, after school and at recess." This tank was the most popular piece of art at the show. Everyone loved it and the boys received about 30 artist letters. They still want to come in at recess to work on their next project, a balsa wood sculpture of the Eiffel Tower. Posted by Hello

"Boat Burlap Pillow" by Pavel, grade 4 Pavel worked so hard on this. He would work on it during indoor recess as well as during art class. It took a long time and he is so proud of his work. Posted by Hello

"Bling Bling Boy" by Roberto, grade 5 "I drew a picture of a rich guy."  Posted by Hello

"Mrs. Bonomi's House" by Mitchell, fifith grade. "I thought it would be fun to draw a picture of my art teacher's house." Posted by Hello

"Puppy Fun" was made by two second grade girls. They added a cage with a wire sculpture of a puppy inside. I thought this was such a cute idea of using collage, painting and sculpture. Posted by Hello

This drum set is named "The Blue 2005" , a collaborative effort by three fifth grade boys.  Posted by Hello

"Barbie, Ken and Kelly"are plaster masks created by two fourth grade girls.  Posted by Hello

More third grade paintings. "Mr. SmileyBaby" was inspired by the stickers you get at Wal-Mart. The painting below is SpongeBob and Patrick. Posted by Hello

BIG painting (24"x36") by a third grader. She loves American Idol. Posted by Hello

A variety of 3 dimensional art. There was so much 3D work that I needed five tables to exhibit all of it!  Posted by Hello

First grade hall of art. These are hung up opposite the classrooms and the first graders love seeing their work when they leave their room. Posted by Hello